There are other small precautions to pay attention to, but don’t worry…

If you think that all these things are too much for you and/or you are afraid of making a mistake or missing something important.

We will be happy to help you make your dream come true!!!

We will follow you, step by step, up to the notarial deed, taking care of all the technical aspects and coordinating with the various professionals (notary, land surveyor, bank, etc.). The same goes for “safeguard tools

We will take care of providing you with all the information on the manufacturer and obtaining from him all the documentation necessary to protect you and your interests.

Buying a home

Furthermore, having agreements with the main professionals in the sector (notary and surveyor and banks), we are able to carry out all the necessary technical checks in advance and we can provide you with a calculation of all ancillary costs. Finally, if you need help, we can also guide you in your mortgage search. In a nutshell , relying on good company means not having to take care of anything!

We dedicate a separate discussion to personal relationships and the “Human Side”. For us they are indispensable and count more than anything. We cannot take care of a customer without understanding his state of mind, his fears and, above all, what he needs.

Some reasons why it is possible to “activate” the policy are: Water infiltration on the roof, formation of cracks due to structural failure, total or partial ruin of the building, etc. In summary, we can say that serious defects are those that do not allow you to enjoy the normal use, functionality or usability of the house and that create doubts about its duration and conservation. This policy MUST BE DELIVERED, by the manufacturer to the purchaser, WITHIN THE NOTARY DEED.

Also for this policy there is an obligation on the part of the manufacturer. In practice, the builder must stipulate an insurance policy in favor of the purchaser which “covers” him, for 10 years from the date of completion of the works, from damages deriving from serious faults and defects in the construction, not detectable before the purchase.